JOSÉ VICENTE MARTÍN GALEANO | CES – Confederación Empresarios de Salamanca



 José Vicente Martín Galeano has spent his extensive career as an entrepreneur in the sectors of security, hospitality and business consultancy. He currently holds the position of President of the Polygon Business Association of Los Villares (AEPOV) and is the owner of the Companies Salamanca Protection and Surveillance (PROVISA) and Serca services, which ensures a great People Management in sectors as complex as the security, teaching skills such as people skills and capacity for dialogue.

Mr. Martin Galeano combines these abilities with being a Security Adviser at the Bull Ring in Salamanca and his role as elected President of the Chamber of Commerce of Salamanca. Since July he assumes the new responsibility of President of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs in Salamanca (CES), which will become the representative of employers in Salamanca. He believes in the power of eagerness and passion, with a little bit of luck.