¡Startup Olé en el Centro Comercial El Tormes!

Conoce algunos de los proyectos salmantinos de la mano de las startups más innovadoras!

Los dias 2 y 3 de septiembre emprendedores y startups estarán en la plaza central del Centro Comercial Tormes para dar a conocer su trabajo una semana antes del evento más grande de startups de Salamanca – Startup Olé!

Startups participantes en el Show Room:

Participant in Startup Olé 2016 Fair

Training in 3D Design, 3D Printing, Industrial Design, and Medical 3D Design. Some products and services include Prototype of Electronics Learning Kit for Children, Design of 3D Printed Toys, Tech Camps for Children combining 3D, electronics, coding and STEAM technolgies. Currently involved in an R&D radiotherapy project for skin cancer with the University Hospital of Salamanca


Participant in Startup Olé 2016 Fair & Pitch

Maker Space where you can learn from others or share your experience with 3D printing, Drones, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more!

Participant in Startup Olé 2016 Fair

We are a software company that builds products that engage sport fans in complete different ways.

Participant in Startup Olé 2016 Fair

InstantCare is a moisture sensor for continence pads, which signals when they need changing. Pads can then be changed far quicker, reducing patient discomfort and helping to avoid severe infections and pressure ulcers.

Unnecessary and invasive continence checks and changes are also avoided, improving patient quality of life.

Participant in Startup Olé 2016 Fair


We design, produce and sell educational robotic kits and projects.

Our products are composed by electronic components, 3D printed pieces and assembling and programming manuals so you can build your own robots at home in a funny and easy way.

Our main purpose is promote educational robotics.

Our very first product is the “Educatibot´s Arduino Starter Kit” With it you will be able to introduce in the world of robotics, know the very first and main concepts about electronics and programming and build some example projects.

We also offer a web with activities, interesting news and notes, tutorials, support and a community where you have the chance to ask your questions and problems, suggest ideas for new projects or features, learn and discuss about robotics…

Participant in Startup Olé 2016 Fair

App to find professional near you and fix breakdowns home at the best price

Participant in Startup Olé 2016 Fair

In we make your dreamed shoes, a reality. Each pair of BriteShoes is unique, is handmade in Spain and 100% according to your design: As unique as you. The process to design your perfect shoes in is really simple.