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Our mission is to offer a single site all the possibilities to save on the Internet

Cashback for purchases:  The purchase you make in the more than 700 stores available in beruby will generate a refund in euros that you will see in your balance, and that you can receive in your bank account or PayPal. These revenues benefit from the commissions that sell on a beruby and that we share with the users.
Cashback for trips: Your flight bookings, hotels, rental cars, etc. They will give you refunds that you will see in your berubi balance to have them in your bank account or PayPal account. Reservations that have already been made on your favorite travel websites will generate revenue that can be made thanks to the beruby cashback model.
Offers: There are other alternatives to save on your purchase like the Coupons or Discount Codes found in Offers. You can also get money without buying (for example, conduct surveys, visualize videos, records, etc.) and thus obtain greater savings for your Internet activity.
Data of interest: Beruby was launched in July 2007 in Spain and currently has presence in 14 countries. The company has surpassed 2 million registered users with an annual volume of purchases of more than 20 million euros. In Beruby, 2.5 million visits and 10 million page views are made per month.