Catchy S.r.l.

Catchy is an Italian startup founded in 2015 by scientists, Guido Caldarelli and Alessandro Chessa, digital entrepreneur, Alessandra Spada, and a journalist and new media professor, Gianni Riotta.

Catchy works in the area of political social narrative from big data with communication activities, disclosure, storytelling, monitoring and research on policy, economy, society, custom and culture, through the collection, processing and analysis of data and information of all kinds, according to methodologies and innovative tools in the maximum technical and scientific rigor.

Catchy network of partners includes universities, global companies, television and print media.


All4Sec, SL

Phishing attacks are a business challenge: (i) they are highly dynamic, unpredictable and come from multiple of channels; (ii) reaction takes long time.

OutPhish sets up an anti-phishing simulation platform for user awareness campaigns in a freemium and licensed SaaS model with support, maintenance and training services for recognising possible attacks.

It competes against north-american awareness platforms.

An off-line prototype is available, and its UPS is to make C-Levels to understand that cybersecurity awareness reduces corporate risks and provides indicators of success rates of simulated attacks.



XpectralTEK is a high-tech company that provides solutions based on computer vision including automation and spectral imaging, expanding our sensitivity range from visible spectrum to a broader range that of UV and NIR.t.


Michor Consulting and Trade Services GmbH

Consulting for the Pharmaceutical/Medical device industry.



Making rail freight sexy ! We take away the blind spot regarding rail freight & intermodal transport in your end to end supply chain and we automate manual actions to accelerate your business while reducing efforts and errors.

We had a 1 Mio seed capital raise 12 months ago and are currently drastically accelerating and looking for an A series round of 4 Mio €, this to fund IoT material to collect our data, strengthen our development & sales team.

We already sell to several multinational (petro)chemical companies, have a revenue of approx 1,5 Mio (growing) and we are validated by and deployed on SAP who are supporting us in our growth and help accelerating our sales.



Content Creation and Monetisation SaaS around Movies&Series