Development and marketing of innovative processes and plants for the conversion of biomass and other organic residues into high-quality energy carriers, fuels and raw materials

Worldwide large volumes of sewage sludge, organic municipal waste, agricultural residues and organic industrial waste Existing disposal methods such as waste incineration or utilization in agriculture are becoming increasingly problematic



We are a microSME that started in 2014 its activity.

We have developed a new additive for concrete to avoid sea corrosion with very good results. We achieved a H2020 PYME funding from the National Spanish Ministry that allowed having a Business Study with pretty nice numbers, as we don’t have worldwide competitors.

We are on the industrial scale up moment, needing 250.000€ to invest in the next 3 years.


Research & Development Concretes

RDC is an engineering firm which main strength is its high expertise of high-durability and high-strength cementitious materials.

These new material technologies allow to perform structures up to 3 times lighter, with much higher livespan and reducing the resources consumption up to a 75%.

The company owns a precast company where precast elements are manufactured for the field of aquaculture, civil engineering, housing or security.