The present project arises as a result of detecting a great lack in the techniques and devices of reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) of the knee, unable to offer a good recovery of the functional capacity of the patient’s joint after the surgery.

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Gatherer Systems

At Gatherer Systems, we turn the subjective imprecision and service of physiotherapy [problem] into medical science by applying our unique load-cell F1 technogy (fully patented and developed) into providing objectively standardized numerical measures of muscle condition & treatment [advantage], to help providers and patients [target] determine real physical medicine need & condition based on uniform standards and guide and track the provision of effective physical therapy treatment and progress [target’s goal].

We make money by charging service providers [customers] to get the Gatherer Analysis service report for clients [benefit]. Our system has been adopted by elite sports clubs and athletes from around the world.



Matrix therapy for the treatment of stroke.


Sensius BV

Sensius offers new approach to thermal therapy for treatment of cancer.

It is an adjuvant therapy solution which increases efficacy of radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatments up to 50%. Thermal therapy has no additional negative side effects for patients.

We use many microwave antennas, controlled by software, to heat the tumor with high precision, even deep within the body. In this way nearby sensitive organs are fenced off from the heat.

The patented technology is highly accurate and unmatched in industry. It is applicable for many different tumor types. Erasmus MC has developed this technology and built as a first step a prototype to treat Head and Neck cancer, which has been successfully applied for over 70 patients.


Michor Consulting and Trade Services GmbH

Consulting for the Pharmaceutical/Medical device industry.