Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy

Suomen Tilaajavastuu collects, analyzes and upholds data for over 54 000 companies in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Our aim is to create a trusted platform between the Market Economy and Authorities ensuring fair competition and providing means for secure, reliable data exchange.

Our Partner Ecosystem is the framework for this collaboration.

We are currently looking for partners to join our international ecosystem.

We believe that investing in collaboration is critical to providing customers with the most innovative and most reliable services available.

The concept is simple: more partners working together means more innovation, more choice, and more satisfied customers


Capricode Oy

Capricode Oy is the developer of SyncShield® cyber security technology, which offers a state of the art tool for automating centralized management, monitoring and securing for any connected device.

Technology basis is solid, IPR patent protected and the product is already validated in market, proven to scale up to millions of devices.

We are now expanding in Automotive, Industrial IoT and Secure Communications device manufacturers providing opportunity for huge global growth. WE ARE READY AND ABLE FOR FAST GROWTH PHASE!



Smart devices for improving the HVAC systems of your vehicles offering predictive maintenances, real-time information & notifications/alarms


Viewpointsystem GmbH

Viewpointsystem is the most advanced mobile eye tracking system available for recording, displaying and interpreting human eye movements.

We began in 2001 with Eye Tracking. In 2016, we revolutionized the recording and analysis of human perception in commercial, business and “real” environments with Eye Hyper-Tracking.

We make visible what people see and, for the first time, what they feel as well. In this way, we are breaking down the barrier between man and technology – to make the future a reality.


Gudbrand Vatn

With the EU Paths solution we facilitate for a comprehensive electronical passport and tracking solution for pets.

This includes storing of diagnoses and vaccinational data, IoT tracking and contactless border control for pets. The hub in the solution will be our patented technology – the IDyGO tracking unit.

We have made successful prototypes, and we are finalizing the production type unit. With its patented technology the IDyGO reads and stores the chip ID and communicates with our back end systems.



Making rail freight sexy ! We take away the blind spot regarding rail freight & intermodal transport in your end to end supply chain and we automate manual actions to accelerate your business while reducing efforts and errors.

We had a 1 Mio seed capital raise 12 months ago and are currently drastically accelerating and looking for an A series round of 4 Mio €, this to fund IoT material to collect our data, strengthen our development & sales team.

We already sell to several multinational (petro)chemical companies, have a revenue of approx 1,5 Mio (growing) and we are validated by and deployed on SAP who are supporting us in our growth and help accelerating our sales.