Ecoitec a full-cycle software development service company. We are developing a Manufacturing Execution System for Warehouse Management (MES).

Some of the features available will be: track inventory, manage pallet operations, openly and easily interact with third-party clients… Our MES will have two of capabilities to be considered industry 4.0: Connectivity (it accommodates to Internet of Things) and mobile (allow mobile device users to create their own interfaces, across device platforms, the users will be able to access and assess the information they want and the way they want it


VisionApp Solutions S.L.

In 2050 half wold population will be myope. It is well know that myopia progression is correlated to the long time of children using electronic screens at near distance.

We propose a solution based in an app that works in a low level that create the habitude of the children to increase the distance between his/her eyes and the display. A beta version of the app is presented that work in phones and tablets based on Android OS.

Main competitors are based in an optical solution (contact lenses) around 100 times more expensive.

We need around 190K€ to launch the app using a B2B business model.

The money will be used to establish a data center, contract 3 people (salesman, customer service and programmer) and rent an office some other expenses.



Starting from an application, which is going to provide explicit information about football fields in Yerevan with pictures and reservation schedule online, MatchUp plans to become a universal mobile platform for sport services.

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