Vaultoro’s vision is to develop the world’s largest and most transparent provable full reserve asset based banking solution.

Enabling anyone in the world too easily and secure digital and physical assets like gold, silver and bitcoin without a bank speculating with their deposits.

Vaultoro builds technical solutions that make spending physical gold as bitcoin, Euro or any other currency.

The startup prides themselves on bridging the gap between the traditional physical bullion industry and the blockchain revolution that has been heralded as one of the most important inventions in computer science since the internet itself.


All4Sec, SL

Phishing attacks are a business challenge: (i) they are highly dynamic, unpredictable and come from multiple of channels; (ii) reaction takes long time.

OutPhish sets up an anti-phishing simulation platform for user awareness campaigns in a freemium and licensed SaaS model with support, maintenance and training services for recognising possible attacks.

It competes against north-american awareness platforms.

An off-line prototype is available, and its UPS is to make C-Levels to understand that cybersecurity awareness reduces corporate risks and provides indicators of success rates of simulated attacks.



ECrowd! is a fully operational crowdlending platform for community based impact investments, in 8 sectors: water, energy, education, health, recycling, mobility, community and alimentation.

We have already financed more than 4M€ in 80 projects and are looking to finance our new tools, using AI for due diligence, and for international expansion.



Payment institution Roger a.s. offers to small and medium enterprise money for long-maturity invoices.

On the other hand we offers to investors the opportunity to capitalize on a highly liquid and secure asset that is now only available to banking institutions and factoring companies.



TourSnappThe MONOKEE innovation business project is the correct answer to simplicity, security and scalability qualities requested by the IoT market, providing the first European Identity of Things (IDoT) service, fully compliant with the main European regulations (considering data and account security, IT solution and quality management).

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