Editor & Host of the TV Shows


Editor and host of the TV shows “Emprende” and “Emprende Digital”, in La 1 and Canal 24 Horas. Juanma Romero is specialist in social skills and personal magnetism. Between 2004 and 2016 he has received 23 national and international awards because of his entrepreneurship support. Romero, in addition, is co-author of ‘Píldoras para emprender’.
He also imparts workshops, seminars and presentations about personal magnetism, personal brand, public speaking, mass media visibility, successful entrepreneur and spokesperson training. His knowledge of the mass media has let him to have been interviewed in more than one thousand radio stations, one to one, during two years.Juanma Romero is Professor of the Master’s Degree in Digital Innovation and Technology (Innovación Digital y Tecnología) at IE Business School. He is also Professor at Deusto Business School training spokespeople and communication in radio and television.
Romero, as well, teaches personal magnetism, charisma and branding at RTVE Institute.Between 2007 and 2013 Juanma Romero was consider one of the best ten professionals of Comunication in Spain according to Top Ten Business Experts. In 2011, he was the expert reference for the social media of Coca-Cola.

In addition, Romero has traveled in two occasions to San Francisco (California) to impart some training at the Spain Tech Center to the companies that are installed in this business and sponsored by ICEX, Red.es and Fundación Santander. The contents of the speech were directed to teach how to create personal magnetism and mass media visibility in the United States and Spain.

Juanma Romero also has travelled to Las Vegas to impart a speech about technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the most important world exhibition in this area.