Startup Olé is a tech-event held annually since 2014. The attendees range from investors, corporates, mid-caps, entrepreneurs, accelerators/incubators, media outlets, governments/public admin. and universities/scientific & tech parks. This contains a mix of CEOs and founders of tech startups, spin-offs and innovative SMEs together with a range of people from across the ecosystem.

The 2023 edition managed to gather more than 830 key players that participated in more than 90 round tables, more than 230 participating startups from 20 different countries that participated in activities such as pitch competitions, networking cocktails or 1-to-1 meetings with investors and corporations. A total of 262 1-to-1 meetings were held physically.

Startup OLÉ 2024 will take place online and in person, in Salamanca, from October 8th to 10th. It will be held in 5 different buildings: Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca, Castilla y León Conference and Exhibition Center.

It depends on the kind of participation you are expecting. You can find all the information about this at the community section of our website.

In case you have a general question, you can fill in the contact form in the following section.


It is based on 1-to-1 meetings between an investor and a startup.

It is a contest where you publish a presentation and a short video in the hope of winning an award.

Networking is an activity whose objective is to expand the network of professional contacts. In this way, business and/or employment opportunities are generated.

Startup OLÉ – A paper free event.

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